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  • Artist Name: Gautam Bhattacharya
  • Art Details: Water colour on paper | 16.00" x 24.00" Inches | 2014
  • Status : In Stock
  • Authentic: Art work by the original form the artist
  • Product Code: BART919829
  • Price: 15000 | 234 $

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Artist Resume


About Me:

Art is not my profession. Academically, I am doctorate in Environmental Sciences.  Professionally, I consider myself as a development expert in environment management and societal development. Art is my fascination towards the colours of life.  For me, it is my enthrallment for nature and people. This beautiful planet of land, water and green elements inspires my paintings with life as the innermost premise of my imaginations. I create my own grammar applying the principle of my feelings that is reflected with the stroke of my brush.

About my Profession:
As a professional in this sector, my varied experiences in Natural Resource Management, Livelihood Development, Environmental Management, Disaster Rehabilitation Programme, Health, Hygiene & Sanitation, Education, Child & Women Development, Capacity Building, Rural and urban Micro entrepreneurship development, community mobilization etc. has given me a strong self-reliance to contribute in this sector.
Presently, I am spearheading an organization “Research and Advocacy Centre for Environment (RACE)”, which is a Centre of Excellence supported by the intellectuals, senior and young professionals and common people all around the world.  RACE is committed to ensure that due admiration is given to the role of conservation of the environment and endorsement of sustainable development.

My Objectives for Selling Paintings:
My aspiration of selling my paintings is to contribute a part of it on accruing revenue, which can be utilized in developing environmental conditions in slum areas of Kolkata.
If you have some consternation about your environmental condition; where you live; where your child grows and really want to contribute to the society by safeguarding the environment, please think once, and Help us! Buy Our Original Painting and Join our Team.

Dr. Gautam Bhattacharya
Research and Advocacy Centre for Environment (RACE)
Kolkata. realistic paintings,

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