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  • Artist Name: Aman Arora
  • Art Details: Digital Print on Canvas | 30.00 Inch X 48.00 Inch
  • Year : 2017
  • Status : In Stock
  • Authentic: Art work by the original form the artist
  • Product Code: BART927670
  • Price: 10000 | 144 $

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Artist Resume

Aman Arora

Born - 22 Jan 1978


Artist About Us

A. Arora’s lush oil paintings, digital art, and photography work are the products of convergence of cultural, intellectual and emotional insight. His every work contains a wide spectrum of energetic colors combined to construct his unique compositions, through use of his engineering, management and arts training. The explosive themes themselves are a mixture of the earthy tones of his native India.  Although his style matured rapidly into the sophisticated works; the delightful work he creates today as his hobby.
Majestically precise and crisply crystalline in composition, Indian artist A. Arora photographs, paints and explores digitally his surroundings with a carefully articulated accuracy. A self-taught artist, he creates out of his unyielding respect for the land and life of his native India; a sentiment which is in poignantly palpable in his works, which epitomize his statement that “My life is in colors of India.”
He lives in Zirakpur (Mohali), Punjab in India.


Artist Statement

My paintings, digital art, and photographs take a critical view of social and natural themes. There may not always be similarities or pattern between my works, as I don't set out to produce art about one subject or a few. The subject matter of each of my works determines the form of the works in a unique way. None of it is intentional - it all develops and evolves in mind and nature. I believe that art remains as a strong contender of how we share our thoughts and ideas. It has the possibilities of changing one’s thoughts, opening new ideas, and borrowing through received ideas. From my works, you might expect an ironic twist to images or things or their combinations. digital prints, digital paintings, digital arts,

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