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An order to buy a large quantity of a good at once. This may occur at either the retail or the wholesale levels. For example, a coffee shop may make a bulk order for coffee because it needs to sell to its customers. An individual may order the same amount simply because he/she does not want to go shopping for it very often. Buying in bulk is often less expensive per unit than buying otherwise, because marginal costs tend to decrease the more a company produces or sells.


All your corporate, special occasion purchases can be easily made here. To purchase a large quantity of product multiple items you can mail in the sales and let us know about your request. Please note that your order should qualify the following parameters for being called as a 'bulk order'.

What is a Bulk Order - Order for more than 10 items of the same kind/type and value exceeding Rs. 50,000 To 200,000


We can manage your bulk orders across categories and across sellers with a single PO, single payment, single checkout, and single delivery.