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About BarmanArts:

What does BarmanArts do?

BarmanArts is a contemporary art and online based in Kolkata, India. Our focus is on emerging Indian contemporary art. Since our inception in 2007, we promote young and talented Indian artists globally. At the same time, we have been introducing non-Indian artists in India.

How does BarmanArts promote Indian artists internationally?

BarmanArts promotes the works of all associated Indian artists abroad through our partner galleries, which exhibit and market the artworks to their clientele in their respective territory. At the same time we have also presented their works at international. We sell the works directly as well to selected global clients. In an international environment like ours the internet plays a very important role: consequently we create a web page for each artist on our website as well as promote them on other websites thus increasing their visibility.

How does BarmanArts promote non-Indian artists in India?

BarmanArts promotes non-Indian artists in India through exhibitions and direct marketing both directly and through partner galleries. We also sell their works to our direct clients.

Applying to BarmanArts:

Who can apply to BarmanArts?

Any professional artist, whether he/she has studied art at a reputed art school or is self taught is welcome to apply to BarmanArts.

How can one apply to BarmanArts?

Artists that are interested in being represented by us in international sale and promoted by us globally can submit their profile, the pictures of their recent works and a passport photograph. We request all submissions in electronic format either via email or CD.

What are the details I am required to provide to BarmanArts?

We would require your:

  • Complete Bio-data (art related details only)
  • Images of at least 6 available works (which are in your possession and not sold)
  • Details of the works as in Titles, Size, Medium, Artist Price (the price you require excluding gallery commission)
  • Your passport photograph.

Does BarmanArts charge any fee?

We charge no fee for our promotional efforts and maintaining on our website. When a artworks is sold through BarmanArts, we will take a gallery commission from the client.

About the artworks to be provided to BarmanArts:

Why do I need to provide the images of at least 6 artworks?

Also a minimum of 6 images would enable us to give the right image of your talent – clearly it is important that you provide your best works. When you become an associated artist with BarmanArts, you give us permission to use the images of your artworks on our website and promotional material like brochures, catalogues, etc.

Can I sell or exhibit the artworks displayed on BarmanArts Website?

Artists are free to sell or physically exhibit the works displayed on the BarmanArts website. We only require when an artwork is sold by you, you inform us immediately so that we may mark the same as sold on our website and do not take any client inquiries for it. Also, we would require you to submit another image to replace the one of the sold work. At all times you are required to maintain a minimum of 6 available works on our website.

Can I display the same artworks on other Websites?

The same works cannot be displayed on any other website simultaneously. You are free, however, to display any other artworks that you may have.

I also have my own website, where the artworks are already displayed, would I be expected to remove the ones displayed on BarmanArts?

We realize that artists may also have their own websites where they wish to display the entire range of their artworks. BarmanArts would not require that you remove these work from the website, but to ensure synergy we request that you put a link to your work on BarmanArts on the site, where visitors may view your profile. Also, artists are requested to display prices on their websites, this is a professional courtesy which will benefit your relations with other galleries as well.

Can I change the artworks displayed on the website?

We realize that artists are constantly developing their style and may create new series which they wish to display. We would be pleased to showcase these on the website.

What do I have to do to add a new exhibition, or a new award in my profile or a comment to my webpage?

Please send us an email at with the changes or additions in your profile. We will have the same amended on all relevant documentation and your webpage.

Since the artworks are mainly promoted abroad, can I charge a higher rate than that in India?

Emerging artists are requested to bear in mind that the art world is a unique entity. Here geographical borders do not apply. Sale of your works abroad does not translate into high prices, instead the opposite is often true. Also promotion and sales of artworks overseas involve additional and much higher costs than sales from your studio! Emerging artists have to struggle to make a name and to ensure a good initial response; we recommend you keep your prices to a minimum.

What is an artist required to do if he is exhibiting the works that are on BarmanArts website?

If an artist wishes to exhibit the artworks which are displayed on the BarmanArts website, he is free to do so. However, the artist is required to inform BarmanArts so that the artworks may be marked as reserved for the course of the exhibition. At the end of the exhibition if the artworks have not been sold, the artist should again inform BarmanArts to 'de-reserve' them. In case of sales, BarmanArts is required to be informed that the works should be marked 'sold' and the artist should provide images of new available works within 30 days.

Website Promotion Agreement:

What is a Website Promotion Agreement?

A Website Promotion Agreement is an agreement between the artist and BarmanArts. It outlines the expectation the gallery has of the artist, as well as the rights of the artist. It also lists the details of the artwork images submitted by the artist to BarmanArts.

Why do I need to sign an agreement?

BarmanArts promotes the artists associated with it to partner galleries abroad. These galleries need to have the assurance that the artist can abide by their submission policies and can provide all the relevant details as per international standards, hence the requirement of an agreement.

What is meant by Artist Price?

Artist Price refers to the price the artist expects to receive for his/her artwork. This price is exclusive of gallery commission.

What is the term of the agreement?

The agreement is valid for a period of three years.

How is the agreement renewed?

The agreement is renewed automatically for a period of another three years, unless specified otherwise by either party.

How is the agreement terminated?

The agreement can be terminated by either party at any point in time by submitting a written letter to that effect.

Why does BarmanArts require detailed agreements and send out detailed mails to artists?

BarmanArts functions along the lines of international galleries. The agreements ensure that both parties are equally aware of responsibilities and liabilities without any grey areas. Also, the detailed mails we send out are intended to keep the artists aware of the galleries promotional activities on their behalf. Artists are requested to call or write in to BarmanArts if they have any queries or trouble understanding the agreement or emails.

Miscellaneous Questions:

What is the selection procedure for Indian artists for exhibitions abroad?

Foreign galleries review the artist’s works online and then short list a few artists based on their requirements. After several round of discussions they normally select the final artist to be shown at exhibitions and promoted in their territories. Some galleries do ask us for recommendations as well.

What is the selection procedure for non-Indian artists for exhibitions in India?

Our partner galleries abroad suggest the artists who would like to be promoted in India. At other times, non-Indian artists apply to us directly.

How can I feature as ‘Artist in Focus’ on the BarmanArts Website?

Artist in Focus is an interview featuring those artists who have in the recent past done some path breaking work in the art field, or who have been successful at an exhibition organized abroad, or whose work has evolved in a direction that needs to be explored. If you feel that you should be the Artist in Focus, write in to us at highlighting your reasons to be focused upon!

Can BarmanArts organize exhibitions for Indian artists in Kolkata?

Ideally, BarmanArts does not organize exhibitions of Indian artists in India. However, if any artist associated with us, requires our assistance in terms of, contact details for galleries available on hire, press contacts, writing the foreword to their catalogue ... we would be pleased to help them.

BarmanArts would not charge any of the Indian artists associated with it for contact details of the galleries on hire or the press contacts. If the artist assures that due credit by way of a by-line would be given to BarmanArts then the gallery would not charge for the catalogue foreword either. BarmanArts would however, not be involved in the direct marketing of the exhibition.

Can an artist hold an exhibition in BarmanArts office?

BarmanArts office is not meant for public exhibitions. However, if an associated artist feels that the office space would be suitable for her works, she is welcome to exhibit her artworks. BarmanArts would not charge for the use of the office space, but in case of any sales, BarmanArts would acquire 33% of the sale amount. Also, all paintings would need to be sold through BarmanArts, meaning, the gallery would issue the invoice to the buyer and collect the amount from the buyer. Once a buyer’s cheque has realized, BarmanArts would arrange for delivery of the artwork and remit the artist price to the artist via cheque & rtgs.

When an artwork is sold, when does the artist get paid?

When an artwork is sold by BarmanArts, the artist is required to deliver it to our office premises in Kolkata. The work is delivered by BarmanArts to the client only once the payment is made by the client. The artist is then issued a cheque on the agreed artist price by BarmanArts. This process should take a maximum of 10 working days.

Who is responsible for shipping the works for exhibitions abroad?

BarmanArts takes complete responsibility for shipping the works for any exhibition and ensures their safe return in case they are not sold. The artist is required to deliver the works to our office premises, Kolkata and to collect them on their return.